ETNUSTENUN - The Pioneer of Modern Ethnic Weaving Crafts in Indonesia

Ethnustenun's dedication to being a responsible woven fabric producer in maintaining the image of Indonesian products has been recognized by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (HAKI) since 2019. Every production process for woven fabrics and prime quality products from Etnustenun are done with all love and respect by a community of home-based and implementing traditional method.

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Etnustenun takes part in advancing the domestic industry further that we achieve through our efforts in fostering the love for Indonesia’s woven treasures through the introduction of casual style trends featuring the exotic ethnic fabrics that are loved by all ages. All products by Etnustenun are embedded with unique, and diverse philosophies from the origin of the woven fabrics in various region in Indonesia such as Lombok, Sumba, Tanimbar, etc. The characteristics of Etnustenun products are authentic, prominent, thick, comfortable, with a tight weave and strong stitching that match your personality who long for authenticity, uniqueness, dare to be different, and inspiring by welcoming the new image of Indonesian fabrics implemented in fashion style.

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THE POWER OF ETNUSTENUN PRODUCTS stems from our passion and perseverance in following all the complexities of the process of producing high-quality works of art: starting from the initial process of arranging the yarn, the weaving process to produce beautiful, timeless, and exclusive motifs, the processing of natural dyes, to the frequent dyeing processes that demand patience and high accuracy.

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